When determining family dynamics and how parenthood is integrated with the children’s up bring, there needs to be a comprehensive analysis on the parents and kids together.

Many studies show that children that have been raise in a household with both, mother and father in the house have become more successful people in terms of career and social bonding.

This is why many psychologists recommend that a baby from a young age is taught the importance of social integration. That way there is no confusion in the child’s life later in life.

We will analysis these claims and also take a look at recommended co sleepers for mums in order to get a proper understanding of how these dynamics work in a family household. There has been talk of how important co sleeping with your young one may be. It will encourage better sleep and babies in general love to be with their parents at night.

Another solution can be to get a bassinet that will in turn help older babies and toddlers with sleep, baby bassinets do offer a different comfort level and also let parents keep their beds without the interference of the baby being there too.

In any case there is mounting evidence to suggest that co sleeping and or having a bassinet next to the parents bed will help the child sleep better and in turn help it develop better social skills for the future.

I believe that this has been covered extensibility in the previous chapters and I wish to inform readers that the only reason that it is mentioned further is that caution needs to be exercised in order to have the best sleeping arrangements for your baby.